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The Trust can offer guidance on the photographic and documentary material available in the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies that can be used in the study of the military, social and political role of the county’s local military units in war and peace. It is also possible to offer guidance on the material culture of artefacts in the Trust’s wider collections of uniform and equipment.

The Trust still has copies available of a document pack, ‘Buckinghamshire in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars’, prepared for the bi-centenary of the Bucks Yeomanry in 1994; and copies of the illustrated exhibition guide accompanying its Heritage Lottery Fund sponsored ‘Picking Up the Threads’ exhibition in 2006, which looked at the conservation of the Trust’s unique flag and guidon collection. It also now has available the booklet, 'The Last Charge', accompanying the major exhibition on the 1/1st Royal Bucks Hussars at El Mughar in Palestine in November 1917 at Bucks County Museum from October 2017 to January 2018

The Trust also has display panels from the ‘Buckinghamshire in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars’ exhibition, and from the ‘Buckinghamshire in the South African War’ centenary exhibition, held in 2000. Subject to the availability of its volunteer curator, the Trust can also arrange an illustrated talk on ‘The Real Dad’s Armies in Buckinghamshire’, looking at the county’s local military forces from the Elizabethan period to the Second World War.

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The Amateur Military Tradition in Buckinghamshire

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Bucks in WW2

Word Doc - Bucks in WW2

Today's Citizen Soldiers

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Buckinghamshire in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars 1792-1815

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Conservation of a Buckinghamshire Colour

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