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As part of the Commemoration of the Great War, we at BMMT have hosted a number of County wide events to help coordinate and support a very wide and diverse projects for the WW1 Commemoration. There are already over 80 events and projects running.

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Our Collections

The Trust preserves uniforms, flags, weapons, equipment, documents, paintings, and photographs relating to the amateur military forces raised in Bucks since the 1500s.

Intended mainly for home defence against foreign invasion - from the Spanish Armada to Napoleon and Hitler - these citizen soldiers were just as significant for their high visibility in the local community, involving a far wider section of society in military affairs than the small regular army, which was often out of sight and out of mind serving overseas. The Trust’s collections reflect this dual military and social function.

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Sound & Film

Bucks Yeomanry Guidon Conservation by Katherine Barker BA (Hons) BSc AMA ACR

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